The Suites
To make a reservation, please call (785)282-3798.

The "pink room"
Ingleboro Mansion Bed and Breakfast offers one-, two-, and three-bedroom suites with private baths and central heat and air conditioning. Each suite has cable TV for private viewing, while groups may enjoy a TV program or a DVD together in the lounge.  Hi-speed wireless internet is available throughout the mansion.  Bring your own computer or you may borrow ours.
The pink room, a one-bedroom suite, is perfect for that special birthday or anniversary, or a memorable wedding night. It is exquisitely decorated with a four-poster bed laden with a plush comforter. Lace curtains softly veil the imported stained glass windows. The romantic atmosphere is complete with special mood lighting. The elegant attached bath includes a pedestal sink and a dressing table.

Bath with "pink room"
The "green room"
The green room is unusually warm and cozy. The rich cherry furniture, dark wallpaper, and homey quilt and antique pictures, give the room a comfortable yet luxurious feel. To add to the nostalgia, the attached bath includes a water closet (an overhead-flush toilet) and a two-person claw-foot tub. There is nothing quite as relaxing as a bubble bath in a claw-foot tub. This room can be rented individually or with an attached bedroom, which includes its own half bath for additional privacy.

 The bedrooms in the three-bedroom suite include massive beds, antiques, and a variety of quilts that complement the decor of each room. The bath for this suite is especially functional, because the shower is separate from the rest of the bath. The main bath includes a pedestal sink and a claw-foot tub as well.

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Bedroom in the "three-bedroom suite"
Detailed Information
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To make a reservation, please call (785)282-3798.

General information on suites

The mansion has one 1-bedroom, one 2-bedroom and one 3-bedroom suite.
All rooms have queen-size beds except the Maid's Room, which has two twin beds.
Hi-speed wireless is available anywhere in the mansion.
All rooms come with complimentary coffee.
All rooms have cable TV (except the Maid's Room).

We gladly accept cash or personal checks.

Specific information on each suite
 Our 1-bedroom suite on the 2nd floor---The Pink Room has a private in-room full bath.  The bath has a shower/tub combination with sliding glass doors. 
Our 2-bedroom suite on the 2nd floor----The Blue Room has a private in-room 1/2 bath and the adjoining Green Room has a private in-room full bath with a claw-foot tub and walk-in shower. 


Our 3-bedroom suite on the 2nd floor----The Grape and Yellow Rooms have queen-size beds, while the Maid's Room has a trundle bed comprised of two twin beds.  This suite has a private bath that is not in any of the three rooms.  It is across the private hall for this suite and is in two parts.  The main part has a claw-foot tub while the shower for this suite is in a separate area at the end of the hall.  Thus, one person can be showering while another is using the main bath.


To make a reservation, please call (785)282-3798.